We work by emphasizing people's souls

"Fall in love.
If you don't fall in love everything is dead.
You must fall in love and everything becomes alive, everything moves.
Dilapidate the joy, squander the cheerfulness.
Be sad and taciturn with exuberance.
Make people blow happiness in their faces.
To convey happiness, one must be happy, and to convey sorrow, one must be happy.
Be happy."

(Roberto Benigni)

Love brings together



Born in '93, based in Naples, I have been a filmmaker with a passion for photography since childhood. My curiosity for the world around me drove me to capture unique moments through the lens of my camera.

My passion for cinematography developed by understanding the importance of light and movement, transforming my artistic vision into a unique cinematic style.

My training at the IED in Rome provided me with the necessary skills to specialize in film production, freeing me from any creative constraints. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, I am proudly recognized as one of the best wedding filmmakers in Naples and have produced hundreds of unforgettable wedding films.

I wish to capture the special moments of your wedding with a unique sensitivity, turning them into an exciting and engaging film. Contact me today to capture every detail and feeling of your most important day through our wedding film services throughout Italy.



Passion and sensitivity define my work.
I am a videomaker specializing in fashion and design, but it was love and sharing with my partner, Gianluca, that brought me to the world of wedding film.

Our project is the result of affinity, emotions and complicity, dedicated to couples in love. We transfer all the peculiarities of our profession to the wedding industry, capturing every detail with care and dedication.

My loving and selfless approach guides me in creating unique footage, reflecting the love and beauty that surrounds each couple. I curate every aspect of the work, from shooting to post-production, to provide a complete and quality service.

If you want a wedding film that tells your story in an authentic and exciting way, contact us today to create a precious and unforgettable memory of your special day together.