To date, there have not yet been reports of any scam attempts in the name Gianluca de Vito

Remember that no person who actually works on behalf of Gianluca de Vito will ever ask you to make any payment or to send your documents (such as, for example, your identity card, your driving license or your passport).

Here are some useful tips to unmask any scammers:

Verify that the mail address from which the communication comes is one of the following domains:


Some examples of addresses used to carry out scams could be: “” or “”.

Check the grammatical correctness of the message: grammatical errors are in fact one of the main clues to identifying fake ads.

If you receive one of these “trap messages”, please:

  • Do not respond to such communications;
  • Notify us immediately to the email address;
  • Report the incident to the police.

Last modified: July 2023